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GIFT High Range IQ Test

General Intelligence Factor Test

Submission Information

Thank you for solving GIFT. Please send the following information to: [email protected].

  • Full Name (mandatory)
  • Age & Sex (optional)
  • Nationality (optional)
  • Test solutions (mandatory)
  • E-mail address (mandatory)
  • All prior IQ scores (mandatory)
  • Time spent on the test (mandatory)
  • Evidence of real identity (mandatory)

Submission Guidelines

Two official attempts are allowed. An IQ score will be reported in both attempts and you will get a test certificate for each submission.

You will receive your score report and test certificate within 60 days. GIFT Verbal I, II, III, IV, and GIFT Numerical I, II, III, IV are distinct high range tests and can be taken separately. You will receive only one score report and one test certificate for each submission.

The score you will receive for each submission will be final and there will be no discussion about the test items or the scoring rules.

In order to prevent fraudulent submissions, a 20€ donation for each submission is required. You may use the PayPal donation button.

Please read carefully the submission instructions before sending your test solutions. Incomplete submissions will not be answered.

The website content is copyrighted material and you are not allowed to screenshot, archive, store, or transmit any part of the website content. You are not allowed to stalk or harass by electronic means the test author, the graphics designer, or any of the test takers.

Submitting Answers

Before sending your submissions on tests hosted on this website, please read the following text, besides each test’s specific instructions. Thank you in advance for your time and interest.

Answers should be sent to the above-mentioned email. You should send only your own answers in the body of your email and not the whole items.

After completing the tests and along with your test submissions, you will have to provide some data for ID verification and fraud prevention purposes: Full name (mandatory), age (optional), nationality (optional), gender (optional), and prior IQ scores on supervised and unsupervised IQ tests (mandatory). Your name and surname must be proven through a photocopy of your ID card or driving license or student card or national passport. Every other data must be covered under your own responsibility. 

An additional way for fraud prevention is sending a donation of 20 Euros through PayPal. You may use the above PayPal button for your donations.

Regarding data processing, a detailed description and explanation follow. As soon as the testee’s identity is proved, relevant documentation is erased instantly. This website uses no specific software that could contribute to data collection. This is the reason why identity verification is necessary.

You will receive your score report and test certificate within 60 days. You will receive only one score report and one test certificate for each submission.

Public discussion on test items and sharing possible answers are strictly prohibited. Material found on this website is copyrighted.

High range IQ tests examine various aspects of cognitive processes linked to human intelligence, similar to standardized IQ tests. If they are normed well, they can theoretically lead to a person’s quite precise and valid IQ estimation.

Processing Data

The following text must be fully understood and approved before proceeding with sending answers on a test hosted on this website.

Sending your test submissions clearly suggests and proves your explicit consent.

Rules, rights, and obligations are explained in a brief and comprehensive way and request only some minutes of reading. This website offers mental puzzles and riddling questionnaires in terms of intelligence-related material and leisure time activities.

It shares no information and has nothing to do with the following:

-Telecommunications industry.

-Marketing and advertising industry.

-Government and/or non-government large-scale organizations.

-Large-scale personal or sensitive data processing for any reason.

Due to the fact that tests offered on this website tend to show a high positive correlation with official and standardized intelligence tests, they are accepted by some online high IQ societies. For this important reason, there is an effort on controlling and eliminating multiple submissions under false identities, therefore, name and surname (personal data) are requested. The rest of the data asked (age, gender, nationality, and scores) are optional and are used for statistical purposes and norming procedure of tests. None of the aforementioned data are shared with any third parties. This website does not cooperate with any other organizations or companies.

If anyone at any time wishes their data to be erased, they may contact the author using the above email and request it in writing. Data will be deleted instantly.

Summary - Disclaimer: Since answers on a test hosted on this website are sent, it is taken for granted that you have read all information and instructions stated above and that you proceeded with your own and free will. Since this website offers services for entertainment purposes only, it is strongly suggested that one does not try the tests in case of doubt or any other personal issue.